Woods Cove

My first flight on my rotation started in California. It’s always a new place to travel. After looking at a few places to photograph, I decided to visit Woods Cove. The drive took an extra hour than anticipated due to traffic. I knew I wanted to be on location just before sunset and stay through blue hour.  

The parking area really doesn’t look like anything special; nor does the stairs the lead down to the beach. But during low tide this place really is special. 

As I was enjoying the location, I noticed a few photographers were arriving as well. What I like about this location is that it is somewhat secluded and hard to find. 

Landscape photography is a lot of luck and hoping the weather will corporate. But if the weather doesn’t go as planned or the photograph is not what you thought it was; always look at different angles and a different subject to photograph. You never know how a photograph will turn out until you take it. 

This time I was lucky. The clouds were coming in from the ocean and they weren’t overcast. This has turned into one of my favorite places to visit.  

If you plan on visiting this place, a few notes to take with you. I am a strong believer in Leave No Trace. So please pick up any trash that you may have or see. Leave it looking better than when you arrived. Also check the weather. A simple check of the weather can mean the difference between a ok picture and an excellent picture. Lastly check the tides. The tides change frequently and you could easily find your gear floating away or you getting wet.